My son turned 4 this month and is completely obsessed with superheroes. Superman, Spiderman, Batman, and on and on. I blame his preschool experience for his obsession with superheroes…he didn’t even know what a superhero was until he started bonding with the other boys in his class. Peer pressure starts early, folks!

I did the obligatory cupcakes but he wanted more. Without infringing too much on his teachers and their day (hey, I’m a teacher, too, and I totally get it), I discovered these superhero lollipops. My boy and I were immediately hooked when we saw them.

I don’t get very crafty these days, but after spotting these on Pinterest, I knew this was something we could handle. Yes, we. I’m all about him pulling his weight when it comes to this crafty stuff…within reason, of course. 😉 And he loves it!

The blog Two It Yourself had the capes that I needed. There was a wide variety so I had all of my bases covered and didn’t leave out any of his favorite heroes. When I opened up the downloaded pdf, I used the text feature to add a birthday greeting.

I love the masks from ZakkaLife. Her printable is designed for Valentine superheroes but the masks worked well for the Tootsie Pops we picked out.

Unfortunately, the capes were a little small for the larger Tootsie Pop sticks, so I ended up hot gluing them to the stick. Not a problem and I think that worked out better so the capes actually lasted until we got to school.

My son’s favorite was Superman, of course. Up, up and away!