Hi. I’m Amy. Here’s a little bit about my adventures thus far. I spent most of my childhood in Maine, which included getting lost in the woods far too many times, making up stories about the ghosts that I hoped haunted my grandparent’s house, and frequently falling off my bike. All of that, and more, helped fuel the fire of an imagination sizzling in my head.

I’ve been a reader ever since I can remember. I’d like to thank my mom for never telling me no when we were in a bookstore. My love of reading led me to want to create my own stories. Voila! A writer was born.

Life took me in many directions, though—a desire to become a dancer on Broadway (didn’t happen), a psychologist (also didn’t happen), a missionary in Croatia (interesting experience), and finally an elementary teacher. I spend my days with my students, my evenings playing with my four-year-old, and my nights lost in my own creations. I love creating a story that makes someone’s spine chill.



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