img_6353Spring has come to Georgia. I know this because of these yellow beauties that have popped up in my yard. I also know that spring has arrived because of the large 30-count box of Claritin sitting in my kitchen. That sign is almost more powerful than the flowers. Spring in Georgia…need I say more. <cough cough>

One of the best parts of spring time, and the warming weather, is the gift of sitting outdoors with a blank notebook and a favorite pen. The sun is out, the earth is warming, flowers are opening, and the baby grass that I planted last fall is starting to poke through (much like my story ideas). New beginnings.img_6359

New Year’s Day is a momentous occasion for new beginnings and goals. Then begin the dark days of January and much of February. If you’ve hit a rut, like I often do, spring time offers another fresh start to recommitting oneself to doing whatever brings joy.

Yes, there’s spring cleaning and planting and dusting, but there should also be moments of quiet and reflection. Moments spent enjoying the sun, the outdoors, and a blank notebook and pen. Simply experiencing joy.

What’s your joy?

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